Cercle des Amis de La Fayette



How did the Circle start ?

It is in 1989 that Mrs. Genevieve de La Pomélie had the idea of the Circle. Indeed, what event the bicentennial of the revolution to enable everyone to remember the actions of La Fayette during his lifetime! Not only during the Revolution, but also during the War of Independence of the United States, or when Napoleon took the power until the monarchy in July 1830. But associations sprung from everywhere and therefore the idea was postponed to gain maximum recognition. It was almost after twenty years of reflection, that the decision is taken. Whatever it may cost the Circle is created despite some disapproval. The commemoration of the birth of Lafayette is a good mean to complete this well thought out project and finally allow interested parties to present a new vision of the character much better known across the Atlantic than in France. Thus in June 2007, the Club was born. And although new associations were created, however this time there was no question of going back. This will enable us to show that this is not a media stunt or a passing interest, but a desire to stop the persistent criticism and show a new face of La Fayette.

But what is the purpose of the n-th association? You surely asked yourself.

The primary objective, you have surely understood, is to perpetuate the memory of La Fayette and revive his ideals. He is primarily known for his actions during the War of Independence and the French Revolution. But he has not only done that. His life was full of attempts to change attitudes and prejudices of his contemporaries and develop the economy and bring progress. He was a man far ahead of his time, a visionary sometimes taken to be an illuminated for those who saw him battling. How to achieve the goal of the Circle? Well, by organizing conferences, visits, engaging in multiple activities, and many other projects. This circle is filled with good will and all this good work is led by the President who, over time, dedicated almost all her days to the proper functioning of the association and is looking for good people to volunteer.

How is it funded the Circle ?

Currently it is mostly the members who have supported us since the creation of the association, along with the President and the Commissioner General's personal funds. We rely on you to talk to around you and help us develop our project. The more we have members, the more freely, the Club will grow in order to achieve its goal and offer a maximum of activities.
After this brief explanation fulfilling our commitment to transparency, I invite you to discover the activities organized throughout the year. You can see what has been done and what is to come.